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Sculpted Gel Nails

All our gel nail services are sculptured gel only. We do not use acrylic, "gel powder". We are nailbasics trained sculptured gel nail technicians. 


Sculpted Gel Nails

New Set of Gel Nails $80

New Set Gels extra long $90

Acrylic tips with sculpted gel $65(special)

Gel Fills $58 and up

Gel fills extra long $68 

French fill $63+

French fade $65+
Gel Overlay (natural) $55

Gel Removal - $40

Nail Repair - $9 per nail

All art is extra

Extra long add $10

All Gel is "Sculptured" hard gel.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish Color -  $45

Gel Polish French - $50

Gel Polish Removal - $25

(Fingers or toes)

Gel polish is the same as "Shellac"

 Please note that more than 5 broken nails will be charged as a new set as this takes more time and more product. Fills more than 6 week old are also charged as a new set as extra product is required. Thank you.

Nail Art Add-ons

Hand Painted Art - $1-$5 per nail 

Ombre - $2 per nail or 10 for $10

Marble - $2 per nail

Full Swarovski Nail - $12

1/2 Swarovski Nail - $6

6 Swarovski Crystals - $3

Large Swarovski Crystals - $3-$5 

Chrome Powder - $1 per nail

Rose Quartz - $2 per nail or 10 for $10

Matte Full Set - $5 extra

Shape Change Full Set - $5 extra

Extra Length Full Set - $10 extra       

 All nail prices and nail art prices are subject to change depending on length, amount of extra time, and amount of extra product needed for service. Please consult with your technician before the service about price add on. Please book EXTRA TIME for extensive art add on. 

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